Monday, January 31, 2011

Holding Fast and Pressing On while Accurately Handling the Word of Truth

     II Timothy 2:15 says, "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth."  I love that verse and yet as a teacher I tremble at that verse. In this verse is an implied directive that those who handle God's word are to do it accurately.  This only comes by being diligent.  My desire in my teaching is to point everyone I encounter to Christ.  I feel a great responsibility to accurately handle God's Word which requires pressing on in my diligence toward God's word. 
    I think about how indignant we can get when others misquote or take we have said out of context.  I know I personally get very frustrated when my children know what I mean but can find the loopholes in how I have said it.  God in His infinite wisdom had His thoughts written down inspired by the Holy Spirit and then He leaves it there.  There is no arguing, finding loopholes or debate with God.  It is our responsibility to accurately look into God's word using proper and complete observation of any text including the history of those who wrote it and to whom it was written. We are to view the entire context of God's word and the passage we are reading to get an accurate interpretation.  This means we must get to know God so we can understand His heart.  God is multifaceted and beyond our comprehension but when we humble ourselves and seek His heart He will revel Himself to us.  How frustrated He must get when we take His words and twist them to make them say what is easier for us. We are a people who wants a convenient religion not and intimate relationship with the Creator of this world.   I am grateful for His grace. 
     I pray God continues to work in my life to keep me humble so I always approach God's word with reverence.  I know " whom much is given, much is required."  God had given me a unique gift in the way I understand His word and can apply it to life today.  I also have a great responsibility to approach His word without my own agenda, being accurate and complete in my study and making certain I stay teachable. 
    As I begin a new study tomorrow, at a new church, with new students, please pray that God's grace will flood me as I share with them my passion for God's word.  Pray I will remain diligent and that I will be accurate in handling what God has entrusted to me.  Pray I will Hold Fast to His word and Press On in diligence as I study and prepare for this new adventure. Thank you all so much.
Holding Fast and Pressing On,

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